Meet Our Team

Whether you seek assistance with marketing, sales, or any other business issues that keep you and your business from reaching its goals, our team members have extensive knowledge in what it takes to improve business performance and to keep you focused. Our dynamic team consists of:

boruchakbosh-actioncoach-newBoruch Akbosh is passionate about leadership and how understanding the importance of this responsibility as it impacts both the personal and professional aspects of our everyday life. He understands that we are all working to maintain the appropriate balance between the responsibilities to our internal and external customers along with having a fulfilling lifestyle while away from work.

Prior to becoming a firm owner of ActionCOACH of Central Florida, Boruch was involved in different ventures providing technology and marketing solutions for over 20 years. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as being involved in new business establishment.

Boruch’s expertise is in marketing/general management/leadership. He has a proven success record in recruiting, coaching and leading teams who have consistently exceeded their goals. He has a great deal of experience leading in low margin environments in which top line revenue, efficient operations and highly focused team members were a critical ingredients to long term success. He has a great deal of experience teaching and implementing six sigma processes into business environments.

Boruch is a people, sales and operations specialist. He has consistently been asked to lead businesses that were in need of positive change. He has a fantastic record of creating an energized, engaged environment in which his divisions produced record revenues while simultaneously improving bottom line profits to the organization. He understands how to help leaders get results by understanding the importance and responsibility of their influence which ultimately translates into professional success and personal enrichment.